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Local Boy on the High Seas Representing his Country

AblesJeremy Ables, 20, of Brookhaven, Mississippi has come a long way since his 2012 graduation from Enterprise High School. Ables said his farewells to his hometown and his father, Jerry and mother, Michele as he left for boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois. He has been in the Navy for two years now and has advanced to Operations Specialist 3rd Class Petty Officer, while serving onboard guided missile cruiser USS Vicksburg (CG 69), currently on his first deployment.

Ables has recently received the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his performance generating and routing operational, NATO and battle force guidance messages which enhanced Vicksburg’s Air Warfare Commander Capabilities, while the ship was operating on a Joint Warrior exercise.

“The best advice I’ve ever received is think big, start small, act now,” Ables said.

“With whatever you want to achieve in life, you should aim high and remove any false ceilings. But you should also acknowledge that any path to ‘big’ involves starting ‘small’ taking a series of steps to move you gradually closer to your end goal. And even those steps begin with some kind of action, so don’t wait to begin.”

Ables is looking forward to a future in the Navy saying his goal is to make the Navy a career, pursue an Officer Commission, and retire.

“The Navy has matured me, and still teaches me more and more on a daily basis,” he said of his experience in the Navy thus far. “It has developed me into someone who concentrates on things I can do better to improve myself, but also teaches me ways I can help others. The navy helps me provide for my family, while also defending my country.”

In his spare time Ables enjoys spending time with his small family; his wife, Adriean, and seven month old son, Eastman. Ables also likes to take time to fish and hunt when he is not at sea on Vicksburg.

USS Vicksburg is currently on deployment in the Mediterranean and Black Seas as the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 flag ship for operation Active Endeavor, conducting exercises with NATO allies in the region to include the Turkish, Italian, Spanish, German, Bulgarian and Romanian navies. Vicksburg has also been host to many dignitaries and military officials as they participate in international relationships, official luncheons and receptions, as well as community relations projects during their visits to ports in the region.


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