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Garth Brooks Sign Selfie Winner!!!!!

We’re ranking the Top 10 Sign Selfies.

The winner of this pair of Garth Brooks tickets is #1 on this list!!!!

#1 was drawn at random from the qualified photos.

We ranked 2 through 10 for fun.

Number 10: Cute, and literally low places.

baby steps

#9: We Loved 1989 Too!  cassette#8 The Daughter (and Mom) Did a Great Job

first selfie

#7 Is It Us Or Does This Duo Look A Lil’ Guilty?

friends in low places#6 Those Are Some Weather Appropriate Boots boots and roots#5  That Might be What Garth Is Thinking Before He’s Done With This Tour

much too young

#4 An “A” For Effort; She Took Sign Selfies All Over Creation

oh my please

#3: Wonder If Garth Could Perform in Cuffs?


#2 Hey Can We Bum A Ride To Garth Brooks?


#1 and Winner of the “Selfie Sign” Garth Brooks Tickets!!!!

shilohThanks to all who participated! Stay Tuned! We Have MORE Garth tickets to give away!!!!!!!

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