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Top 10: Back to School Photos

Thanks to all who entered. This was supposed to go up on Friday but I had a family thang that involved the hospital. All is good now. These are the Top 10. The TOP 3 will win some Trinkets and Treasure and need to DM us an address.


The Mom Panicking at how Fast Time Flies Photo.

number 10#9

The Back to School at Home Photo

number 9#8

The We Got Our Act Together Photo

Number 8#7

The Fonze Ain’t Got Nothing on Me Photo

number 7#6

The Sassy-Fras Photo

number 6


The Back to School is Going to Hurt Photo

number 5#4

The John Travolta/Vincent Vega Dance Contest Photo

number 4#3

The What the Heck am I Doing in this Stupid Photo Photo

number 3#2

The Kindergarten is Going to be a Piece of Cake Photo

number 2

And at the top of the list is a very cute…. video of one young man listening to K106 as he heads to school!


The I Can Play Air Guitar AND Drums AND Fiddle at the Same Time Video/Photo

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