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McComb PD Seeking Two Suspects in Credit Card Scheme UPDATED

mccomb-credit-card-fraudMcComb PD describes these two as persons of interest who may have used another man’s credit card at Wal-Mart. The original press release is below…. here’s an update from today…

“Suspect in camo ball cap and black t shirt has been identified as Bradley J
Boudreaux of Mamou, La in Evangeline Parish, his is 32 years old and McComb
Police Department currently hold Felony charges for 3 counts Credit card
fraud and 1 Count of Conspiracy to Commit Credit Card Fraud. Suspect is
reportedly wanted by Alexandria Louisiana Probation and Parole for unknown
charges, we have spoken with other agencies both in Louisiana and
Mississippi where he may be suspected of Credit Card Fraud, other agencies
are verifying evidence where charges may be pursued.”

On August 13, 2015 A victim of credit card fraud was contacted by his bank of Capital One Bank of Baton Rouge. The bank inquired about suspicious transactions from the McComb Walmart store for $210.88 where there were two purchases for $105.44 each to purchase to “Go Phone Cards” and the third attempt was denied. After the victim was notified by his bank he called the McComb Walmart store and made them aware of suspicious activity on his card which he still had in his possession. After Walmart reviewed the security video it showed multiple purchases by two white males Who were seen swiping several credit cards. First suspect is described as a white male wearing a camouflage hat, black short sleeve shirt and khaki cargo pants. Second suspect is described as a white male wearing a tan ball cap, an army olive drab short sleeve T-shirt and dark color cargo pants. The suspects walked to the end of the Walmart parking lot near the Marathon Service Station out of sight for cameras. The victim who lives in walker Louisiana stated that he still had his capital one bank card on his position and is not aware of how they obtained his credit card information. The other credit card victims are being contacted to verify stolen identities. No names can be provided for the card holders at this time.

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