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“Scrappy’s Story” from a Listener

From a Listener….

August 5, 2015 God called one of his angels home. A tragedy took a 10 year old little man. He was definitely an angel here on earth. Blessing us with his smile, laughter and the chance to love a smart, sweet, spirited boy. Still just a boy. My boys had the pleasure of being able to play with and be friends with JaDarrius “Scrappy” Wilkinson. The boys were anywhere from McComb St, C C Bryant, Lincoln St, Adams Ave and Holmes St. They rode the school bus together, everything. God had a plan for all of us.. He put us in each other’s path for a reason and that is how we have all grown so close. This video was shot in our neighborhood of Baertown, McComb, MS. The song was written and put together by a few people who I believe are earning their wings ahead of schedule by the love and passion that they put into this song and the message that they are trying to put out. Not just for Scrappy, but for anyone’s child, anywhere. For your child. Let’s unite as a nation and as communities and fight back with peace and love. Love each other, protect each other and look out for each other. Don’t be afraid to say something when you see something that shouldn’t be.. We have to protect the next generation and teach them that there is good still in the world. Let’s see how far this goes.. Rather than sharing sex, drugs or violence of any kind on Facebook, share this. Add #loveiswhatweneed to your post and let’s start loving one another and stop the riots, violence, hatred, racism, drugs and giving evil the power by sharing it everyday on Facebook. #loveiswhatweneed ❤️💯☝🏼️😊 #ripscrappy

Here are links to download Scrappy’s song! Plz share!

iPhone users download here:

Android Users download here:

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