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Mrs Matthews Sending Kids to Educators Rising Conference and You Can Help

A local teacher is trying to raise some money for her kids to take a trip. she explains below. This is the LINK to what she is doing. Help out if you can!!!

I am currently the instructor of a high school Teacher Academy program. I am in my third year in this position. My students are preparing for the state Educators Rising conference. This will be the second year for some to compete and the first for others. We are all very excited.
Most of my students are high school sophomores, but I also have juniors and seniors competing at the state level. They are good students, most meet the requirements for the Honor Society of our student organization. Our school is one of three campuses in a rural district. The families we serve are hardworking and school supporting. It’s a new year and I have a new group eager to carry on the tradition of excellence that was started by last year’s student competitors. The cost of the conference could be the ONE thing holding my students back. Funding this project will give these students the opportunity to show off their skills at the state level! These students have a lot of hard work ahead of them as they prepare over the coming months.
In February 2015 a group of high school students attended the state Future Educators Association conference for the first time. They had each prepared and practiced for his or her competitive event and now it was time to put all of the hard work to the test. Of the eleven attendees, nine placed first or second in their categories and one of the remaining two was elected to the office of State President! Oh, did I mention that one of these students was crowned “King of the Galaxy” AND that the chapter was awarded with the team spirit trophy? Next stop…Washington DC for NATIONALS! We had less than three months to raise enough money to fly a group of twelve students and adults to our nations capitol. We are planning a REPEAT of last year’s showing. Helping to fund this project will show these wonderful students that YOU believe in them just as much as I do! By focusing on preparing instead of fundraising, we will be ready to show out!

The national conference was something none of us will forget. One of our chapter members was honored with the highest award given by the organization. My students are preparing to be the teachers of our future and all of the competitions are designed to aid them in their journey. This experience will help grow the skills needed to become effective teachers. By helping my students attend this conference, you are investing in OUR future!

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