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K106 Christmas Bucks


Congrats to Winner #1 Charlotte Walsh who registered at the Flower Nook!

Congrats to Winner #2 Jessie Nelson who registered at the Pike County Co-Op!

Congrats to Winner #3 Pat Robertson who registered at Selmans!

Congrats to Winner #4 Austin Easley who registered at Family Pharmacy!

Congrats to Winner #5 Mike Newman who registered at Covington’s Ace Hardware!

Congrats to Winner #6 Treva Cutrer who registered at Friendgirl Things!

Congrats to Winner #7 James Jenkins who registered at Village Flower Shop!

Congrats to Winner #8 Lynda Bigner who registered at Rushing Shoe Shop!

Congrats to Winner #9 Dee Dee Wolfe who registered at Covington’s Ace Hardware!

K106 Christmas Bucks

Now though December 19th K106 and our participating sponsors will be giving lucky K106 listeners $106 k106 bucks good to spend at any of our participating sponsors…How can you become a winner? Its easy just drop by any of our sponsors and get registered…then listen to K106 each week to find out of your one of our big winners

Register at the following locations:

Alfords Flowers
Gulf South Gallery
Flower Nook
Friendgirl Things
Selmans Jewelers
Rushing Shoe Shop
Pike County Co-Op
Family Pharmacy
Covington’s Ace Hardware
Shooters Discount
Village Flower Shop
The Embroidery Shop in Meadville
Christmas Shopping just got easier…with free K106 bucks…from the station with more winners your Big Country Station K106

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