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Crimestoppers: January 15th shooting in McComb

On January 15, 2016, at approx. 0949am, Officers of the McComb Police Department responded to 714 Ave “L” in McComb, Ms where a caller reported, by 911, of two people possibly having been shot inside the home. Officers were on scene within 3 minutes of the initial call in an attempt to give aid to any victims and secure the scene for investigators. Both victims sustained detrimental injuries, officers believed these injuries were due to gunshot wounds. The victims were located in separate areas inside the home, initial investigations believe victims may have been shot hours prior to the initial call. Victims have been identified as Barbra Butler Conerly, 64 year old Black Female and son, Shawn M. Butler, 33 year old Black Male both of 714 Ave L, of McComb, Ms. The Ms Crime Lab assigned to the Gulf Coast Region were contacted to assist in collecting any possible evidence and submit for testing. Both victims have been sent to the Ms Medical Examiner’s Office in Jackson and are awaiting an autopsy. McComb PD Investigations are currently classifying this crime as a Double Homicide and are asking anyone with any information to contact the McComb Police Department at 601-684-3214 or Crime Stoppers at 601-684-0033.

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