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The Great Diamond Meltdown

Why not have your 2016 get started with a diamond ring?   K106 and our participating sponsors are giving some lucky listeners a chance to win a diamond ring from Selman’s Jewelers in McComb, but, there is a catch…  Only one of the rings is real, and they are all frozen in a cup of ice…  Each contestant is given a diamond ring in a cup of ice, each will melt it down, and then, a gemologist will be on hand to let you know if you got the real diamond.  If you did, the diamond is yours to keep.

The only way to be a part of this event is to go by our participating sponsors and get yourself registered.  Our locations are:

Holmes Stationers, The Flower Nook, Friendgirl Things, Selman’s Jewelers, Family Pharmacy, Alford’s Flowers and Gifts, Debecs and Sew Be It, The Sweet Tooth Cafe, Rockin Willy’s, Piggly Wiggly, Sears of McComb and The Village Flower and Gift Shop.

One name will come from each location…then join us February 11th at Fox’s Pizza Den to see if you are the lucky recipient of the diamond ring in the Great Diamond Meltdown from K106.




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