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American Pickers to pick through Mississippi in March

o, I’m sure you all agree that since the History Channel starting showing a bunch of crap about aliens and Bigfoot, American Pickers is the unquestioned leader of the network’s programming.

It’s pretty much the only show that country folks like us can connect with: two dudes with an eye for antiques go digging through old barns, sheds and junkyards in search of valuables from the good ‘ole days. And I know y’all think the same thing I do: “these guys should come down here and pick.”

Well, they finally are. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are heading to Mississippi in March and are looking for good places to pick statewide; specifically, they’re looking for private collections (no stores or antique malls) run by “interesting characters” who can tell some good stories for the show.

The attached flyer tells you everything you need to know: what Mike and Frank are looking for and how to contact them if you think you or someone you know has the right kind of pile to be picked.

So don’t be shy… knock the dust off your antique collection (or the dust off someone you know who has a collection) and contact American Pickers. Let’s see if we can get someone we know on TV.


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