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UPDATE: BP Gas Plant Explodes In Pascagoula, MS


UPDATE: The fire crew spent a total of 19 hours Tuesday battling the flames from the BP explosion that happened Monday night around 11:30 PM.

Enterprise Vice- President of Public Relations Rick Rainey said, “What happened is we had a release of hydro carbons ignite at our overnight plant. The resulting fire has been diminished quite substantially. The only flame left is residual vapors that are burning off.”

The explosion took place at an Amoco BP plant around 11:30 Monday night.

Jackson County Emergency Services Director Earl Etheridge said to CBS Biloxi, Mississippi affiliate WLOX-TV that two workers were at the plant at the time. Both were not hurt and was in an explosion-proof room at the time.

Authorities have reported that there hasn’t been any injuries and that Police didn’t evacuate any homes. Some residents did evacuate for their own safety.

It was reported by WLOX that the vibrations from the blast was felt as far as 10 miles away and the flames were seen shooting high into the sky.

Video Source: WCBD News

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