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Javontae Taliaferro has been captured

Taliferro Javontae Jakiel

On July 22, 2016, McComb Police Department Investigation received information on the whereabouts of Javontae Taliaferro, who was wanted on charges of Felony Shoplifting and assault on an officers. The Patrol division and Investigation division went to 103 Johnson Ave basic on information received where suspect was arrested after begin found hiding an entertainment center in the rear of the resident. Suspect was arrested without incident and transported to the McComb Police Department on the charges on a June 22, 2016 Felony shoplifting from the Marathon service station at 203 Edgewood Drive. Suspect was identified from security video showing him shoplifting 22 cartons of cigarettes valued at $1200.00 dollars, suspect was seen leaving the store driving a black mercedes SUV. Warrants was issused for the felony shoplifting which lead to the incident below of the assault on an officer. Javontae Taliaferro is currently being held at the Pike County Jail with a bond of $102,043.00. Javontae Taliaferro will have arraignment McComb Municipal Court on Monday July 25, 2016.

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