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Jennifer Nettles Says Yes To Christmas Album


With Christmas four months away Jennifer Nettles goes to twitter to let her fans know that she will be doing a Christmas album. She’s even more excited to announce that she will be doing the album with country singer legend Dolly Parton.

During a Facebook live chat with fans, Parton spilled the beans on Nettles’ Christmas album and also confessed that she will be releasing a Christmas album as well but will be next year.

“I did a Christmas album years and years and years ago,” Parton told fans on Facebook, “But I am going to do a new one that’s going to include things from the new Christmas movie, Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love. There’s a song called ‘Circle of Love’ and I think Jennifer Nettles is also including that song in her new Christmas album that’s coming out this year. I will have it in the one that comes out next year.”

Of course fans had to reach out to Nettles to see if the news was true and this is how she confirmed Parton’s statement:

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