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The K106 Kallback | August 25, 2016

Hi, Brian Allen here, introducing the shiny, brand-new K106 Kallback!

This morning I was joined in the K106 studio by the Chairman and Head of the McComb Arts Council, Chris Hart, as we talked about the plans the Arts Council has for this fall:


Current Trinkets & Treasures on K106

Q #1: What did half of us fail to do on summer vacation, even though we said we would do it?

Q #2: Drivers say that this is the most annoying thing a passenger can do on a road trip:


Yesterday’s Trinkets & Treasures on K106

Q #1: 1 in 5 working woman say this happens to them on a weekly basis. What is it?

A #1: Get asked out by a co-worker | Winner: Cindy Etheridge Rimes

Q #2: For working parents, THIS is now the #1 thing they look for in a potential job. What?

A #2: Flexible hours | Winner: Shervonda Mack-Coney


K106 Klassifieds:

From the Foul-lines:

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