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The K106 Kallback | August 26, 2016

Brian here, with an update on everything that’s going on around Southwest Mississppi’s King of Kountry, K106.

First of all, we have a few weekend reminders:

The 2016 Baby Expo will be this weekend at SMRMC, here’s a link to their facebook page:
2016 Baby Expo

Next up, we’ve got the Soccer Clinic at SMCC with the McComb Department of Recreation. Expect fun, food, and games. For more details straight from the source, here’s a link to more information on our own page.


Today’s K106 Trinkets and Treasures Questions:
Q: When asked what skills a high school student should have when they graduate, one skill rose to the top of the list. What is it? (Here’s a hint: It’s a life skill!)
Q: 206 bones in the human body- 25% of them are in one place! Where. Is. That. Place?

Yesterday’s Questions:
What did half of us fail to do on summer vacation, even though we said we would do it?
A: Disconnect from social media | Winner: Meg Falls
 Drivers say that this is the most annoying thing a passenger can do on a road trip:
A: Mess with the car radio | Winner: Kristal Bitabama Bridges


K106 Klassifieds:

From the Foul lines:

The It Girl Show:

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