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The K106 Kallback | August 29, 2016

It’s been a quiet Monday… very quiet…

Well, anything I have to add here would be me making things up, so let’s just hit the daily’s, shall we?


Today’s K106 Trinkets and Treasures Questions:
Q: Studies suggest a certain smell makes people friendlier to each other. What?
Q: Kids lie sometimes to stay out of trouble. 3 in 4 kids will lie about this- What is it?

Yesterday’s Questions:
When asked what skills a high school student should have when they graduate, one skill rose to the top of the list. What is it? (Here’s a hint: It’s a life skill!)
A: Wash their own clothes | Winner: Myra Susan Bui
206 bones in the human body- 25% of them are in one place! Where. Is. That. Place?
A: Feet | Winner: Jessica Lambert Zeigler


K106 Klassifieds:

From the Foul lines:

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