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Watch: Kenny Chesney Gets Emotional On Spread The Love Tour Finale

Kenny Chesney brought the Spread The Love Tour to a close this weekend in Boston with 121, 399 fans. A lot of awesome things took place on the night of the tour finale including bringing a special fan up on stage.

After Chesney performed a mashup of the Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” and Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” he brought a fan up named Kelly Swanson on stage. As he finished the song Chesney took off the young woman’s baseball cap that revealed a bald head. He then took his cowboy hat off to show his bald head and rubbed his against hers. While he hugged her he sang, “Every little thing’s gonna be alright.” It was a tear jerking and special moment for everyone as they watched along.

Kelly Swanson writes this touching message on Facebook saying:

“It holds so much emotion for so many people near and dear to me as well as all those who are still fighting or have fought their battle with cancer. The outpouring of posts and text messages proves that there is still a lot of good people in this world.”

Chesney gives his response on why he loves what he does:

“This is why we do this. This right here. To play for people who love music so much, who commit so completely to what’s in these songs, who scream and shout and cheer like these fans! When you can find fans like that, you wanna do even better then you think possible…and with the No Shoe Nation, who we names right here, it really does inspire us to reach for new heights, possibilities.”

Make sure to look for Chesney to headline Country Jam Colorado in June 2017.

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