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Watch: Brad Paisley Releases Heartfelt Music Video “Today”

Brad Paisley released a music video for “Today” and it may leave you in tears. The song itself can cause a tear to fall but the video definitely takes it there.

The video is mainly made up of different video clips ranging from soldiers surprising their children and family to weddings and proposals. In the beginning of the video Paisley performs a gender reveal at one of his concerts and also orchestrates a plethora of onstage proposals throughout the video. Other tear jerking clips were also added such as footage from graduations, sports victories, pregnancy announcements and other clips that brings happiness and puts a smile on your face. This video is meant to show why life is worth living.

In a facebook post Paisley wrote about the video saying to his fans, “I hope it means as much to you as it does to me.”

The song “Today” was written by Paisley along with Ashley Gorley and Chris DuBois, and will be featured on his upcoming album (name of the album has not yet been released). The record is expected to include several unique styles and collaborations, such as one with Mick Jagger and another one with hip-hop producer legend, Timbaland.

“I wanted the collaborations to be collaborations that took me outside of what you’d think and brought the other world into this, but it’s also very country,” Paisley says.

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