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Purple For a Purpose

Everything raised from this event will be donated to the funding of a local Domestic Violence Shelter…listen below for the details

Vendor Package Information

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Walking N Da Light nonprofit organization.    We are eager to build long-term relationships with each of our vendors. You will find the members of this organization to be professional, ethical, friendly, and ready to assist you. We value the relationships developed with our sponsors and look forward to a continued partnering with industry in an open manner using the highest professional and ethical standards.

Who is Walking N Da Light?

  • Our mission is to reach out into the community to help abused victims to develop life skills. We wish to empower survivors from a diverse background, physically, spiritually and financially.  Through and by the services we provide we hope to make an indelible mark in our local and worldwide community by enhancing, empowering, encouraging, enlightening and educating the lives we encounter. 
  • Our goal is to be dedicated to changing lives through and by this nonprofit organization, to help stimulate positive growth within the community.  It is our goal to provide hope stability and encouragement to women so they might fulfill their God given destiny.  We strive to expel an array of light to every survivor we encounter regardless of their walk of life. 

How Do I Register?

Register by sending request via email and/or via mobile app  and find Vendor location in the drop down box of phone app.  Please refer to the website & social media sites for more details or to click on link provided on social media sites.

We do ask if you would please email your logo and submission form to: no later than 1 week before event date.

We will only use your logo for the promotional events you are registered for.  Also, we ask each vendor to arrive 1 hour before event in order to setup. 

Thank You,

Janice Oatis

Executive Director

Vendor Submission Form:                                   Table/Tent # _____ 

Vendor Products: _______________________ 

(Space open for food, produce, jewelry, clothes, toys, art, cd’s, sweets, services, etc.)

Participant’s Name: ______________________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone: ______________  Facebook:  _______________________

Twitter Name:  _______________  Instagram:  _______________

Company’s Name:  ____________________________________________________

Company’s Address: _____________________________________________________

Company’s Office Phone: ____________________________________________________

Company’s Website:  ____________________________________________________

Payment Option:

I am making a payment: 

  • Cash App Name: ________________ Date Sent: ________
  • Credit Cards/Debit Card 

Account # _________________________ Exp: __________

  • Money Order #_____________
  • Paypal _______________________
  • _______Paid Online
  • Cash $_______________  Receipt # _____________________

Confirmation:  ___________________________

*Please note we do not guarantee any sales for your business and we are not liable for any damages or accidents that may occur during this event. Vendors are at their own risk during event and must bring their own products & table covers.   NO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON VENDOR FEE!  *

Office Use:  ____Paid  _____Pending  _____Not Accepted

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