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City of McComb – Friday morning press conference on crime

McComb officials promised an increased police presence in the city throughout the Fourth of July weekend, with help from officers from the Summit and Magnolia police departments available if needed.

The announcement was made Friday morning at a press conference at McComb City Hall, where Mayor Quordiniah Lockley declared law enforcement officers would ramp up their presence throughout the holiday weekend in response to what he called a recent increase in crime. McComb Police Chief Garland Ward said his officers would put on extra patrols today through Sunday.

“We’re going to hit the high crime areas of the city, and we’re going to hit it hard,” he said.

Ward said recent shootings in the city had resulted in property damage but no injuries so far. He urged citizens to go about their business and enjoy the holiday weekend while law enforcement patrolled to keep the peace.

Lockley said his office had reached out to federal and state authorities for help in McComb and had been long in discussions with authorities about responding to local crime. He denied Friday’s press conference was called in response to social media rumors circulating this week.

Summit Police Chief Kenny Cotton and Magnolia Police Chief Ray Reynolds vowed to help out in the City of McComb however they could.

“The citizens need to work with us, and we want to work with you,” Cotton said. “You know what’s happening in this city. Talk to us.”

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